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16 March 2021


During this period of forced rest, we had more time to develop our ideas and for this reason we launched into a new “brewing experience”. As already done on other occasions, this time too we have chosen to use a 0 km product for our experiment, it is saffron from a small cultivation of a […]

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11 March 2021

MARIA… the good one.

Due to the fact of being «HERETICS» we stand out from the crowd, mainly because we focus on the quality of the product and not so much on the quantity, moreover we have recently been exploring new horizons on the beer topic.The last gem we offer is MARIA… a pale, light and very drinkable beer.Its […]

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27 January 2021


In contrast to the EDICT OF PURITY that we married to produce all our 12 beers, that is the use of only water, barley malt, hops and yeast, we have recently tried some “brewers” experiments . We have added out of the ordinary materials and our standards to our recipes… on the other hand we […]

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