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11 March 2021

MARIA… the good one.

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Due to the fact of being «HERETICS» we stand out from the crowd, mainly because we focus on the quality of the product and not so much on the quantity, moreover we have recently been exploring new horizons on the beer topic.
The last gem we offer is MARIA… a pale, light and very drinkable beer.
Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is produced using hemp flowers, which give it an exceptional scent and flavor; the basic sweetness of the beer contrasts with it and at the same time coexists perfectly.
It has a harmonious symphony of indescribable flavors that leave the palate stunned.
Clearly the hemp used is legal and THC-free, indeed we didn’t choose this raw material for its amazing faculties, but for the amazing aromas it releases.
The hemp used comes from a farmer in our area. This time as well we have chosen a product of our territory as a matter of connection with it.
Testing this beer you can have a unique experience, you will soon have the opportunity to try it and you will surely be amazed !!

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