The story of where it

All began

The Band's history

Final name

It was then thought of an unconventional name, which caught the attention but at the same time recalled the origins of the microbrewery.

Since in the Middle Ages Concorezzo was the seat of one of the most important sects of heretics in all of Europe, that of the Cathars and since the meaning of the word Eresia (heresy) in Greek meant «to choose», Eretica (heretic) seemed to us a name that include both characteristics.

This is where our slogan was born: 
Heretic is the one who researches, tests, tastes, evaluates and then chooses... to drink our beer!

The first name

Since the winery where they delighted in producing beer was located in Concorezzo (MB), they initially gave themselves the name "Cum Curte Regia" which was the old name of Concorezzo. The evolution of events then led the production to another location, that is to Ornago (MB) and therefore it was necessary to find another name.

Only the best


Style 16 Style
Awards 22 Awards
Brewing Years 40 Brewing Years
Days until the next crush 21 Days until the next crush
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