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27 January 2021


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In contrast to the EDICT OF PURITY that we married to produce all our 12 beers, that is the use of only water, barley malt, hops and yeast, we have recently tried some “brewers” experiments . We have added out of the ordinary materials and our standards to our recipes… on the other hand we are still heretics.As you well know all of us at Birra Eretica are originally from Concorezzo and therefore we have chosen to use a very good chestnut honey supplied to us by our fellow citizen.
We love to support products at Km 0 and enhance them, so we have chosen to use this excellent honey for this new recipe.The final result is spectacular, an easy to drink beer, but at the same very complex time in terms of flavors and aromas, able to give strong emotions to the palate.

A beer that immediately thrilled us and captivated us with the typical aroma of chestnut honey that rests on a full-bodied malted base. And the experiments don’t end there!

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