Birra di Colonia


Cologne beer is an experience that begins with its captivating appearance. It has a slight haze, which gives it a particular charm, and a persistent foam that invites you to take an enveloping sip. This visual aspect is a prelude to a beer that stands out for its cleanliness and freshness.

With the first sip, Cologne beer reveals its well-balanced character and pleasant freshness. Its clean and refreshing nature makes it an ideal companion for moments of relaxation and hot days. This beer has been carefully crafted using traditional German malts and hops, which give it a unique and distinctive aromatic profile.

Fruity aromas are a distinctive feature of Cologne beer. The selected malts and traditional hops contribute to releasing fruity notes that captivate the senses. These aromas offer a pleasant balance to the overall flavor of the beer, creating a memorable taste experience.

It is important to emphasize that Cologne beer is a typical top-fermented lager. This fermentation process gives the beer a slightly different structure from classic bottom-fermented lagers, giving it a unique and distinctive character. The tradition of producing this beer dates back a long time and represents a part of Cologne’s beer culture.

In conclusion, Cologne beer is an authentic German beer experience. Its hazy appearance and persistent foam anticipate a clean, fresh, and well-balanced sip. The fruity aromas and the use of traditional German malts and hops add a special touch to this beer. And finally, its identity as a top-fermented lager makes it unique and an authentic expression of Cologne’s beer tradition.



Alc. 4,8% Vol · 19 IBU · 12 °P · High Fermentation Lager

Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast.


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Bottle size

5 lt (chiamare per ordinare), 33 cl, 50 cl


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