Dunkel Weiss


The Dunkel Weiss is an authentic beer gem that embodies the tradition and excellence of Bavaria. This amber wheat beer offers a refreshing freshness and a distinctive character that fascinates the palates of anyone who tastes it.

At the first sip, the unique profile of the yeast used in production immediately emerges, providing notes of banana and cloves. These aromas are the signature of this beer, offering a recognizable and unforgettable gustatory experience. The yeast works in synergy with a sweet malt base, imparting a pleasant hint of toasted bread and caramel.

The visual aspect of the Dunkel Weiss is equally captivating. Its distinctive haziness is the result of a significant amount of wheat in the recipe. This characteristic gives the beer a cloudy appearance, inviting further exploration of its complexity. The dark mahogany color evokes feelings of warmth and depth, while the white foam delicately settles on the surface, creating an enticing visual contrast.

The Dunkel Weiss has its roots in the past, dating back to a beer style from the 1700s. This connection to Bavarian history and tradition is reflected in its distinctive character and authenticity. Each sip represents a journey through time, an experience that combines the craftsmanship of the past with the refreshing vibrancy of the present.

This beer is a treasure of Bavarian beer culture and lends itself to a variety of culinary pairings. Its combination of banana, cloves, and sweet malt notes pairs wonderfully with dishes such as sausages, smoked cheeses, and chocolate desserts. The elegance and complexity of the Dunkel Weiss elevate every culinary experience, creating an unforgettable marriage of flavors and aromas.

In conclusion, the Dunkel Weiss is an amber wheat beer that captivates the senses with its distinctive character and invigorating freshness. Its history rooted in tradition, captivating appearance, and unique flavor profile make it a true gem of Bavarian brewing. For anyone looking to immerse themselves in German beer culture, the Dunkel Weiss offers an authentic tasting experience that will not disappoint.



Alc. 5% Vol · 15 IBU · 13 °P · High fermentation

Ingredients: Water, Barley and Wheat Malt, Hops, Yeast.

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Bottle size

5 lt (chiamare per ordinare), 33 cl


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