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16 March 2021


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During this period of forced rest, we had more time to develop our ideas and for this reason we launched into a new “brewing experience”. As already done on other occasions, this time too we have chosen to use a 0 km product for our experiment, it is saffron from a small cultivation of a dear friend of ours who for some years has ventured into this challenge of enhancing a product of our territory.
Well, what we have obtained is an excellent beer, a variant of the classic glass of wine to accompany any dish precisely because it goes very well with various flavors that you usually find on the table. It is a beer with a light body and very drinkable, the The prevailing aroma is that of saffron which, however, is not cloying even for a long time to sip. It can really be paired with various dishes from both land and sea and manages to create an explosion of combined flavors in the mouth.
As mentioned, this is an experiment that has excited us at the moment and that we hope to share with you soon.

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