The Weiss is much more than just a beer. It is a sensory experience that transports drinkers on a journey of unique aromas and flavors. This light and refreshing wheat beer captivates the senses with its complexity and distinctive character.

Its hazy and opalescent appearance is the result of the high percentage of wheat used in its production. This gives the beer a visually fascinating look, with a cloud of mist expanding in the glass. The light straw color adds a touch of brightness and vitality, inviting drinkers to immerse themselves in the experience.

At the first sip, the Weiss reveals a bouquet of surprising flavors. The yeast used in its production imparts a distinctive character of banana and cloves. These fruity and spicy aromas blend harmoniously, creating a unique flavor profile that delights the palate. Additionally, a subtle hint of vanilla sweetness gently envelops the taste buds, adding a touch of sweetness and pleasantness.

The freshness and drinkability of the Weiss are another distinctive feature. Its lightness and effervescence make this beer an ideal choice for hot days or to refresh oneself after intense activity. The refreshing character of the Weiss is balanced by its balanced structure and light body, allowing it to be enjoyed with ease and pleasure.

This Bavarian beer has a deep history and tradition. Originating from Bavaria in Germany, the Weiss is a symbol of German brewing art. The skills of Bavarian brewers are reflected in the quality and perfection of this beer, which has been passed down through generations.

The Weiss is more than just a beverage; it is an integral part of Bavarian culture. It is often associated with traditional Bavarian festivals, such as Oktoberfest, where drinkers can fully immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere and enjoy the beer with friends and family.

This beer is a perfect accompaniment for many occasions. It is ideal for summer days when a cool and refreshing drink is sought. It is also a great choice for moments of relaxation and socializing, to be enjoyed in the company of friends or family. Its lightness and fragrant aromas also make it suitable for culinary pairings, such as fresh salads, light fish, or chicken dishes.

In conclusion, the Weiss is a light and refreshing wheat beer that offers a unique tasting experience. Its hazy appearance, light straw color, and distinctive character of banana, cloves, and vanilla make it captivating for adventurous drinkers seeking to explore new horizons of flavors. The Weiss is a testament to the skill and brewing artistry of Bavaria, which has fascinated the palates of beer lovers around the world for generations.



Alc. 4,8% Vol · 13 IBU · 12 °P · High fermentation

Ingredients: Water, Barley and Wheat Malt, Hops, Yeast.

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Bottle size

5 lt (chiamare per ordinare), 33 cl


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